I do not think that it's worth to separate the laser tag rental as a business. Even if it is, it is a set of simple actions (to buy laser tag equipment, to find a draw in the forest or industrial zone, to advertise and go out on orders), which do not bear a worthy profit. We propose to take a broader look at the rental of laser tag equipment and the organization of off-site games. Build your mini entertainment complex, where the laser tag arena will be part of it. And the case will go much more effectively. In Russia, the off-line laser tag, in our opinion, took the forms that it was supposed to accept. Its formation to date has come to an end. In some cities, larger clubs of the laser tag in competition "eat" the smaller ones. If you decide to open your laser tag club, do not rush, analyze the format of its future work. The club must function effectively all year round, for most regions of Russia this means that the laser tag arena must be in a heated room. The list of services of your institution should be designed for the masses. There are also many nuances that a beginner in the entertainment business simply can not immediately see. RU-TAG offer a proven format for a mini entertaining institution, in which laser tag rental is one of the most important places in business. We are ready to share the accumulated experience with you through cooperation in the franchise format. Laser Tag franchise RU-TAG is inexpensive and quickly launched (the launch period is 1 month). Includes entertaining business on a turn-key basis with scripts of its further conducting and development.