Delivery of laser tag equipment RU-TAG is carried out around the world. After you make an order in our online store, the manager will contact you and specify the payment option and delivery of the goods that will suit you.


Open a business from scratch or franchise RU-TAG is simple enough. It is necessary to contact our managers who will prompt where to start and how to proceed. If you need full support of the business, then in this case we can also effectively provide assistance. With our offer of RU-TAG franchise turnkey you can find here >> The militari antikafe today is a completely new format of the institution for an interesting free time. Surely in your city there are no such institutions, or very few. This fact only contributes to the rapid and effective opening of business in this direction. Urgently contact us and we will immediately offer you an effective business solution adapted for your city. What is the military anti-penalty "RU-TAG"? This is a new format of entertainment services. Includes a mix of classical anti-smoking, laser tag arena, spectacular stylized pad for a photoset, an entourage place for a feast, and several play areas. We have learned from experience that this format of the institution for leisure activities is suitable for schoolchildren, as well as for their grandparents. Orientation to a broad target audience will provide an additional guarantee for the successful development of your business.