Laser tag: arenas and open air

Laser tag: arenas and open air

Today, more and more people are discovering a fascinating, almost sporty and at the same time high-tech game - laser tag. In this article, we'll talk about the main types of laser tag and help you determine which version of this game you really like.

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Many of those who have already joined the laser tag know that there are arena and off-the-game types of games. For fans of outdoor activities, who have not tried themselves on the path of laser combat, we will briefly describe their main differences.

The arena is a specially equipped stationary labyrinth, which is located in an enclosed space. At such venues, games and competitions on arena laser tag are conducted. For the first time, the idea of ​​creating an arena laser tag system, which was taken as the basis for all modern commercial laser tags, arose under the influence of the fantastic movie Star Wars. That's why for this type of game is characteristic design in a futuristic style. Before the game, participants receive ammunition - blaster machines, shooting infrared rays, and vests, equipped with sensors (most often on the chest, back and shoulders). The defeat of the target is accompanied by indicator signals and vibration. The labyrinth is equipped with a fluorescent backlight and is equipped with a variety of gadgets - light and sound special effects, imitation of smoke screens, as well as additional interactive devices - bases, electronic grenades, mine extractors and other devices. The results of the game are displayed on the printout with personal statistics, which each participant receives at the end of the game.

Arena laser tag originated from a little earlier than another kind of game - an off-line laser tag. Extra-war or military systems were used to train US Army soldiers as a simulation of real combat. Commercial laser tag systems include mock-ups of the most modern weapons with infrared emitters, which is practically inferior to the present in either weight or range, reaching 400, and some manufacturers have 700 meters. All this allows players to feel themselves a participant in a real battle, which is not so noticeable when playing paintball and airsoft. Defeat targets, the number and consumption of ammunition are fixed during the game by a special computer in real time. The main difference between the off-line laser tag and the arena is the location of the game. In an extra-war game, fighting is conducted in an open area with natural shelters. This can be a range, wooded areas of the area, a site with abandoned buildings or unfinished objects. Thus, the proximity to reality and the scale of the game makes the off-line laser tag more extreme, but no less fascinating than the arena.

We described only the main differences between the two types of game. But in order to understand which of them you prefer, we will consider the difference between them in terms of the perception of the players participating in them.

For example, the dynamics of the described types of game are very different from each other. So, in the arena laser tag, the player has a lot of lives and cartridges, the recovery time after virtual defeats is short enough and is not more than 10 seconds, which causes the participants to constantly move. Visibility in the space of the labyrinth is limited, so the player requires maximum concentration and attention. It is necessary to carefully consider the trajectory of the route, considering that there is the possibility of shelling from different sides, as well as the probability of a direct collision with the enemy, which requires an immediate reaction and the ability to quickly make a decision. In the non-arena form of the game, on the contrary, constant movement at a high pace is impossible, especially given the weight of heavy mass-sized weapons and equipment, which entails serious physical effort. In this situation it is very important to be able to disguise yourself and remain invisible to the enemy while moving, observing caution and using natural shelters. When an enemy is detected, it is necessary to conduct an accurate aiming fire at long distances. Participants of this type of game often have time to assess the situation and, after consulting with the team, to make a decision. In contrast to the arena laser tag, in the non-arena participant has at his disposal a limited amount of ammunition and lives. So, if the player is "killed", he leaves it and waits for the next one to start.

The character of the playground of the arena laser tag has the specificity of fantastic battles far from reality. The labyrinth, where actions are carried out, even with reduced visibility, is completely safe - it has a flat floor (usually with a safe floor covering). Special luminous materials and protection, which is inhabited by corners and structures, minimize the likelihood of injury. Certain harm in this situation can only cause a collision of participants moving too fast. Dynamic music tracks and light special effects contribute to the fact that a person immerses himself in the game, forgetting about everything.

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