Laser shooting galleries

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Laser or electronic shooting galleries to date laser shooting galleries have become very popular due to modern electronic technologies. As a result, there were very interesting and inexpensive to maintain (as do not use cartridges) types of entertainment and training systems. The distance of light shooting of a laser shooting range is commensurable with shooting from a firearm and is hundreds of meters. At the same time, in more expensive models of laser shooting galleries, an imitation of the recoil of weapons is provided. Buy a laser shooting gallery can be classic or interactive.

Classical laser shooting range includes laser weapons and a set of electronic targets that fix the hit of a light beam. Electronic targets most often resemble falling classical targets of biathlon.

Interactive laser shooting range, more complex entertaining or training complex in comparison with the classic shooting range. It usually consists of laser weapons and a hardware / software system, through which a dynamic or static picture of a target or game scenario is projected onto the screen, where the shooter must hit a complex of dynamically appearing on the screen, targets. At the same time, it is necessary to perform a certain complex of shooting exercises, in accordance with the program scenario.