We produce modern certified laser tag equipment specially created for commercial hire, and we also operate it 7 days a week at our own site. This approach allows us to constantly improve the quality of products. Our laser tag equipment is represented in all major cities of Russia and the countries of the Near and Far Abroad. Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Finland, Austria, France, USA, etc. We also can buy laser shooting galleries.

Overview of the cases of laser tag blasters

To date, various manufacturers of laser tag equipment offer many types of laser tag blasters, differing from each other form factor. All laser tag cases can be divided into four main groups:

  • Large-scale models (MMG)
  • Strikbolnye weapons, modified to laser tag
  • Pneumatic weapon, modified to laser tag
  • Plastic blasters

Each type of blaster is designed for one or another use. We will evaluate the use of a variety of laser tag blasters from a commercial point of view. At once we will notice that at the organization of entertaining business all the acquired laser tag equipment must be used most effectively in its work. It is not necessary that the laser tag equipment perform only its direct functions. Blasters can be used as well as decor elements of the institution, which, if necessary, can be quickly launched into work on the laser tag arena. Visitors often want to be photographed with natural weapon mock-ups.

In connection with the above-described factors, it is completely inappropriate to equip the laser tag with arena only with plastic blasters. In your institution should be a good variety of laser tag weapons. Thus, you can easily expand the target audience of your entertainment business. Children are happy to play laser tag with plastic blasters. They are light and comfortable for them. Still they prefer to take pictures with mass-scale models. Adult visitors (men) "plastic" practically do not play and prefer MMG.

Laser blasters based on pneumatic weapons with the exception of Exterminator (МР 514) on the laser tag arena are in minimal demand, as their appearance does not match the models of this firearm.

Laser blasters based on airsoft weapons have a double reputation. On the one hand, a great variety and good similarity with firearms makes them popular with visitors of laser tag anti-smoking. On the other hand - the vast majority of airsoft cases are produced in China from a brittle alloy - silumin. Their reduced reliability at the box office brings a number of additional problems to the owners of laser tag clubs.