RU-TAG will gladly answer the question - how to use laser tag equipment for profit? Just note that the laser tag equipment - this is not an end in itself, but just a tool for doing business, so the entrepreneur must appropriately deal with it. Business income using laser tag equipment brings complex, that is, far from just direct rolling blasters. For the competent organization and conduct of entertainment business, the main task of the entrepreneur-organizer is the creation of a workable business infrastructure that will uninterruptedly bring you profit. To create such an infrastructure, RU-TAG specialists will gladly consult you for free.

The question regarding the choice of laser tag equipment is quite simple. Usually the gaming laser tag includes a blaster, a head bandage (helmet) with sensors of damage, a waistcoat with sensors of damage (from practice: it is not often used).

The principle of laser tag operation is as follows: Lasertag is a war with electronic weapons, into which both children and adults play with pleasure. Each player has a blaster to defeat other players and a headband (helmet, vest), designed to receive defeat signals from other players. When shooting, defeating the player, ending the cartridge, lives and other game events, the game sets issue appropriate light, sound alerts, as well as this information is displayed on the computer (game server). At the moment, there are several manufacturers of laser tag machines in Russia, which produce similar sets of games with a slight difference in the range and functional characteristics. The principle of operation of laser tag equipment of all manufacturers is the same - I shot a blaster from an infrared ray in an opponent, got (or did not hit).

Therefore, the main criterion for choosing a laser tag of equipment for business is its cost (the lower the cost, the shorter the payback period). Many new business people make the main mistake at the stage of choosing the laser tag equipment, they are not guided by the price, but by the "steepness" of the gaming laser tag sets. For the "steepness" usually have to pay well, while the meaning of the entertainment complex does not change (shot - defeat), but the payback period sharply increases. We recommend to fight for the client - not the "steepness" of laser tag equipment, but a wider entertainment service than competitors. Otherwise, you will become dependent on the manufacturer of laser tag equipment, which will constantly dictate what novelties of its products to purchase - these are additional costs, which are often not justified. Good luck in business!