Seven-year experience in designing and manufacturing laser tag equipment allowed us to create an effective format for conducting laser tag business entertainment. The method of using laser tag in the entertainment business developed by our company will allow you to dynamically develop dynamically. Laser equipment RU-TAG is specially created for commercial hire. All who want to make sure of this, we invite you to visit us, in military anti-penalty RU_TAG, Russia.

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The main strategic goal of our company is the continuous development and improvement of the promoted military formats (anti-smoking Rutag), which use advanced laser tag equipment of their own production. Working with us under the brand "RU-TAG" you get all the accumulated experience of competent management of laser tag business, use modern and reliable equipment RU-TAG, which has the maximum functionality of a wireless laser tag at a reasonable price, compatible with laser tag systems of other manufacturers (IR protocol MilesTag II ). When concluding a franchise agreement, you get a mature template for dynamic business. This will save you from the basic mistakes that beginners make in the laser tag. Our experts will help you organize a laser tag business from scratch to opening anywhere in Russia and the world. The constant support of your business will allow you to avoid erroneous situations in time, which can lead to serious losses. RU-TAG is a team!