Test drive free

Test drive is an opportunity to evaluate the quality and advantages of laser tag equipment from the company RU-TAG for free

Taking advantage of this offer, you will be able to test the equipment in practice and get answers to your questions before you make a purchase.

At your disposal for 30 days comes the formed set of laser tag equipment, which includes: assault rifle Ru-Tag MP-514 "Exterminator" (1 pc.), Ru-Tag MP-514 "Classic", Ru-Tag Reanimator (1 pc. .), Radiobase (1 pc.), Memory with Ansmann c batteries (1 pc). You pay only the collateral that we will refund if the equipment does not suit you. To order a test drive you can be in any region of Russia, having issued the delivery of transport companies.     During the test drive you get an idea of ​​the technical features, functionality, characteristics of the equipment, make a conclusion about how it is suitable for your business. We will answer all your questions and offer recommendations for the operation of the kit provided to you. And if you do not like the equipment, we'll just take it back, without requiring you any fees for its use, and we will refund the security deposit. Order a test drive of our products absolutely free of charge by filling out the feedback form or by phone.