Mistakes of entrepreneurs

Ignoring new knowledge. One of the grossest mistakes is that people often do not want to get knowledge about the organization of their business, which rarely leads even to the notorious earnings of money. To effectively conduct your business, you need experience, and if it does not, then learn from an experienced person or act under his guidance. Such an uneasy enterprise from scratch without understanding the intricacies of the processes to organize independently is the same as throwing an unripened chick from its nest. Three links of the chain: learn, create a project, get money! But not one thing - to get money ... The approach to building a business must be sensible!   Lack of preliminary research. Sometimes, a person, by his standards, has a brilliant idea. And he without a market research starts with the head in the implementation of his idea. He formalizes the organization, takes money on credit, purchases means of production or goods, produces various kinds of manipulations, and as a result, business can not start successfully because the market research in this area was insufficient. Thus, it is quite possible to suffer losses. To begin with, it is necessary to study the market capacity, the number of competition, the leading players in this niche, how many years they develop, what their capital of opportunity, to determine the target audience ... In our productive time there are many sources where you can find such information. Having received answers to the questions posed, a person will be able to assess what to expect in the future from his company. The error seems to be on the surface, but many do not pay enough attention to this fact. Consider an absurd example: say, the janitor wished to earn a million a year. At the moment he earns 10 thousand rubles a month. But he passionately wants to earn a million for a year, since he invented a wonder-broom. Without evaluating the potential and demand of wipers with miracle brooms on the market, he will most likely earn 10 * 12 = 120 thousand rubles in a year. At a minimum, to increase earnings, he needs to change jobs or start selling his invention. The capacity of the market will show what can be expected from its activities. If we designate all players of this market, we can proportionally assess the share of each and its share in the future. This easy analysis will already show whether this niche is worth your attention. Self-confidence Another mistake of the entrepreneur is not to ask questions or "I know everything myself." Being absorbed by his brilliant idea, a person does not even ask himself questions and accordingly does not answer them. It is necessary to conduct a dialogue with oneself, to argue. This is not the raving of a madman, but the real work on mistakes in the future. Asking yourself questions, it's important to be rational and not be afraid of answers with negative conclusions. Closing my eyes, telling myself "the idea is brilliant, I will succeed", you can just go broke. Whatever one may say, we live in a harsh reality, in which there are many pitfalls. In fact, such a position is a reluctance to see reality, to deny it. Receiving negative answers, you save yourself from a lot of fatal mistakes that you would not see, remaining on a wave of enthusiasm. The purpose of this work is not the desire to scare the reader, but just to warn against total mistakes and open your eyes to the real state of things.   The business plan should be in the head It is also important to make a business plan competently, let alone giving this event to third-party hands. Compiled business plans for banks (in order to get a loan), federal and municipal bodies (in order to dislodge the grant), as a rule, have nothing to do with reality. Of course, this information does not apply to large-scale business with billions of rubles, but to a business that has an annual turnover of up to 100 million rubles a business plan can not be made at all, the main thing is for an entrepreneur to understand everything clearly for himself.   The illusion of lack of money to start a business. This question in the majority concerns to those people who only argue on a theme of opening of own business. Often this excuse, and what is even worse, conviction really closes the door to a person wishing to become an entrepreneur. Basically, these are hired workers who are thinking about opening their own business. They seem to want, but they are afraid and are careful, dissuading themselves from the thought that there is no money. Real real business is built from scratch, and it is so productive. Opening the direction in abundance, often turns out to be ineffective: the eye is washed, no analysts, the inertia is high. And when there is no money, the "magic pendle" is always on, in the head, the afterburner, the activation at a high level, the brain is working hard, because there is no money, and they have to be earned, ideas are much more sober, they are imaginable. Implementation reaches its peak efficiency. Well, the question of where to get the money, we already decide, there are always options, it is only sensible to approach the issue of choice, it would be a desire. Question of priorities - what do you want more: to have your own business or work