IR spot size

It is one of the main technical parameters of laser tag equipment. On the magnitude of infrared spots, disputes between manufacturers and users of laser tag are constantly being discussed. In fact, everything here is very simple. It is necessary to divide the commercial rental of laser tag equipment and laser tag games in the format of the competition. In commercial rental criteria for the defeat of players must be blurred, since the laser tag in this case is just an attraction and no more. The only task of laser tag equipment in commercial hire is to entertain gamers. Accordingly, the size of the IR spot should be large enough so that players can easily hit their rivals without much difficulty. Since laser tag players in commercial rentals are often not experienced, not fired fighters. We conducted experiments at our training ground in the military anti-cataf. The radiators with a small lesion spot were placed on the laser tag. During the first few minutes we received a lot of criticism from the players, that we have trunks curves, sights shot down, etc. And to prove the reverse of the players in this case is completely meaningless. Why? Because you will run into a lot of negativity. Do you need this as an organizer of commercial rental of laser tag equipment? We think not. A player in a laser tag should have fun, but do not strain. Then he will be satisfied, having received a lot of positive impressions. Accordingly, will come to you to play again. At competitions or laser tag tournaments, the situation is completely opposite. In this case, players are trained with great experience in laser battles. The goal in the competition is not to have fun, but to win. Therefore, the requirements for the infrared damage spot, and other technical characteristics are quite stringent. Moreover, if the event uses laser tag equipment from different manufacturers. As a rule, internal standards for laser tag production are different for all, there is no single standard for laser tagging of equipment today. In this case, the organizers of laser tag events have to regulate in various ways the use of laser tag equipment in competitions. In light of the described problems, we recommend having in your arsenal 2 types of emitter. One for commercial hire, the other for laser tag competitions.