Facts about the laser tag

Facts about the laser tag

Lasertag - a sport or entertainment? First, behind the arena laser tag, the role of a high-tech attraction was entrenched, the target audience of which were children. But over time, the game began to use more and more sophisticated and sophisticated equipment, which made it possible to increase the rate of fire and complicate the scenarios. This allowed the laser tag to expand the audience of players, because now for the victory, you need endurance, quick reaction and tactical thinking. And in the rating team competitions participants are subjected to serious physical stress and psychological pressure - just like in sports. That is why laser tag began to gradually become an extreme sport, significant successes in which require regular training and a systematic approach from players. To win the tournament battle, the team needs high cohesion, tactics and strategy, good physical preparation. Unfortunately, the universal definition of a laser tag as a separate sport is not yet available, so the players themselves choose the component - sports or entertainment - in the laser tag, which attracts them more.

cybersport According to the idea of ​​the company-creator of the first commercial laser tag system was to form the basis of "the sport of the new generation." This was the advertising slogan of the manufacturers of the "Foton" system. The company LaserTron introduced a new term - "eSports", when the market came their new offspring - equipment version LT-10. This new term meant the integration of high technologies with human resources when achieving high sports results. It should be noted that the concept of "cybersport" applied to the laser tag before the creation of the Federation of Cybersport in Russia, which was engaged in organizing and holding championships in computer games. Interestingly, the word "eSports" is a trademark of Laser Tron, and the copyrights to this term are protected by law. Therefore, the use of this name by the Federation of E-Sports seems questionable from a legal point of view.

Types of laser tag Laser battle systems are classified by location, tactical characteristics, technical and other aspects. Below is a basic classification of laser tag systems.

• Arena - the game is played in closed rooms, in specially equipped labyrinths, which are installed permanently; • Extra-armed - the game takes place in open areas; • Universal (or mobile) - no additional equipment is required for the game, all equipment exchanges radio signals with the controlling mobile computer; • Army - similar tactical combat simulations are used by the military; Finally, there is a division of laser tag systems into commercial and consumer (individual) systems.

High-tech laser tag allows you to take into account the needs and wishes of players in any system, regardless of the classification, which contributes to the increasing spread and development of this type of outdoor activities. Every year in Russia there are more and more clubs for laser tag arrays, and an important role in popularizing this trend is played by the company RU-TAG Russia.