Excessive credulity

Excessive credulity is punished with losses. To be crystal clear and trustful means to look at life one-sidedly. Excessive trust is directly proportional to expenditure. People a priori accept gullibility and open behavior of other people for their weakness and try to use for their own purposes. If you hold the "shield and sword" in hand, few will dare to attack. This is our cruel reality and it is not yet possible to confront this fact to the full. People genetically inherited rivalry, the desire to be the first is due to the instinct of survival. Everything has its own task, and competition in particular. The presence of ambition provokes the desire to get ahead, not to be left behind, so that they do not trample. And this power leads us through life, promoting and developing. From the Stone Age, the notion of force came from an external indicator: the presence of a large and muscular body, an evil expression, a club in his hand. And the enemy intuitively understood that it was more expensive to contact such a "beast". Mankind is slowly withdrawing from these stereotypes, but we are still in the process. It is easier to adapt to this situation. But this attitude of people to life leads to increased energy costs, from warrior relations deteriorate. Therefore, being cautious, one must strive for universal mutual understanding. And, as in any business, it is necessary to keep balance, not to go to extremes, to be always on watch, but not to attack, but only to have in your arsenal for the purposes of defense in the extreme case. It is difficult to be in the state of pre-war, but the picture of the world in people's minds can not be changed quickly. Awareness helps to understand and assess what is going on more sensibly. To create your own business, in fact, it is not necessary to have exceptional leadership qualities. It is enough to be active, not shy and not complex, to want and be able to communicate. In our time, advanced technology, as never before it is actively traced. Due to the development of It-technology, even people who are pretty absorbed in themselves, can rise sharply on their invention and non-standard thinking. In business, some democratization has started due to the development of high technologies. Thanks to them, the intellect begins to control the world more. And you can not have physical strength, but enough powerful intellect to have superiority. The development of humanity as a whole in the development of thinking. The main need in business is the availability of a resource, which few others have, superiority in anything. And what it will be for a resource - an intellectual invention or skill to make furniture well is the choice of everyone. This book is a kind of demo copy, a sample, in which the manuals for managing business processes are collected. But do not take it as a standard. The standard is your personality. Every person is a unique person, who can not have rivals and competitors if he reveals the fullness of his personality. A disclosure of individuality is a separate and very interesting topic.