Competition in business

In principle, there can be no fair competition. It can be regulated only by law. But many even he does not stop. It is not possible to conduct a business honestly, any teeth are needed. The main idyllic goal of any businessman, no matter how small it may be, should be the monopolization of the market segment in which it operates. If there are not enough players on the market in any segment, then each of the competitors has a certain illusion and ambitions that it can capture the entire market. The type of "I'll think of a chip right now and it will only take a couple of steps to an exclusive monopoly." In fact, this is not so. The market is to a certain extent divided into all players. Due to some kind of inertia, one can not quickly sink competitors, and, most likely, it is impossible to eliminate all. But we need to strive for this! Bad is the businessman who does not want to monopolize the market. If to be soft and fluffy in business - the maximum it is possible to claim is to have some small handicraft business shop, a workshop for making keys, where business laws are mostly not applicable. This type of business is difficult to call business, rather, it's just a salary for household needs. One of the effective mechanisms of competition is dumping prices. Antimonopoly services consider dumping of prices not legal, not legal, but it has always been, is and will be, open or indirect. There is an exceptionally small number of entrepreneurs with a monopoly position, where it alone fills the niche of business. So work units. Basically, beginning or ordinary entrepreneurs get into the already formed niche, where a lot of players have worked for a long time, but this does not mean that this business should not be engaged. Auto-mechanical engineering has been built under different brands for two hundred years, but this does not mean that it is impossible to invent a new brand and start selling. With certain investments, technologies, innovative components, you can easily enter this market. But it should be noted that in this segment already players with certain experience are working and they have a handicap-experience. Therefore, than take? - dumping. The price should be 3-4 times different for the same quality of the product. At first glance, the price seems too understated, but this is only the first. Corporations with years of experience already have a lot of unnecessary costs, and they are not very agile, so the new player, who has minimal overhead, has a real chance to take his place among similar companies. The Chinese are so entered the world market. As we have said, the Chinese for a plate of rice are working. But now this is far from the case. Yes, many will say that quality is of great importance, and the price, as a rule, should correspond to quality, and people pay attention to it, but people also search and choose what is cheaper, at least in Russia. Not all, of course, the group of goods applies to this fact and not to all people, but we are talking about the majority. In Russia, most not spoiled customers and consumers. In addition to dumping, there are additional subtle methods of competition, which you can learn from the subsequent communication with the authors. With respect to the reputation of competitors, our position is this: it is not good to speak badly of competitors, in the first place it defames the name of the company. The principle is that it is bad, and I'm good - a rather crude and ineffective method. Lies, most likely, will open, the reputation will be spoiled, as is known, all the secret will sooner or later become apparent. To damage the reputation of competitors will take a lot of resources and resources, it is easier to direct these resources to improve the quality of their products and their brand. This approach is much more expedient and effective.