Business plan

This article presents a generalized business plan, the full version of the business plan with an economic component is included in the business package "Lasertag on a turn-key basis". Nowadays a growing number of successfully working people began to pay attention to sports, maintaining good physical fitness, while attending gyms, tennis courts, swimming pools. We can say that the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle becomes familiar.

1. Summary

Against the backdrop of the ever-growing number of people who are able to pay for their entertainment and congestion of existing places of recreation, it is attractive to create a place in which to combine both sporting and entertainment services that can satisfy customers. One of these places is the laser tag club.

Lasertag - team sports and technical game using light weapons (markers), shooting infrared rays. For laser tag there is a lot of game scenarios. As a game field, a forest or open area with natural or artificial shelters for players is used.

Advantages of the laser tag.

Lasertag does not require special physical training and is based on simple and understandable rules, so anyone can participate in it, admitted before physical education for health reasons. Games take place outdoors or indoors and are associated with an active motor load, and there is no need to separate players into weight or age categories. Compared to other sports, the laser tag has a special appeal, like a military sports adventure. Moreover, the laser tag allows controlled release of aggression and stress relief. The laser tag can be used as an unconventional sport with elements of military-patriotic upbringing and preparation for service in the army, cultivating a careful attitude to equipment and equipment, and distracting teenagers from the street. It is also widely used such a laser tag as team building during the game and the identification of natural leaders - many companies use it to select working groups during intracorporate tournaments. Thus, the objectives of the presented investment project are:

Development and description of ways to create an organization that provides sports and entertainment services, its organizational and legal form. Determination of the proposed location of the created organization in the services market. Description of the services that the organization will provide to consumers. Analysis of the feasibility of creating such an organization in terms of profitability. The choice of optimal ways to solve the tasks set in the business plan. Development of specific activities related to the implementation of the business plan. One of the forms of sports and entertainment organization, offering its clients various sports games and events, as well as a club form of communication, is a laser tag club. Description of the laser tag of the club and the services provided to customers.

The main criteria for choosing a place:
  • Possibility of arrangement of interesting in game relation sites;
  • Providing maximum convenience for customers;
  • Reduction of expenses for the creation and operation of the club;
  • Maximum security for customers, viewers and outsiders;
  • Transport accessibility.

General recommendations.

The most suitable for placing laser tag of the club are the territories of pioneer camps, boarding houses, tourist centers, rest houses - i.e. objects that have usable infrastructure and facilities. For the deployment of sites it is better to use pine forest areas (best drainage) and dilapidated or abandoned buildings. Attention! It is very important to carefully prepare the fields in terms of safety - the absence of unobtrusive obstacles, ditches, barbed wire, destroyed floors in buildings, protruding corners, etc. A country club should be located no more than 20 kilometers from the city, in a place with a convenient (and easily explained) entrance, far from populated areas. A big plus is the possibility of using a developed entertainment infrastructure:

  • bar, billiards or American pool;
  • shooting range crossbows, bow, darts;
  • Volleyball, mini-football;
  • a place for a picnic (brazier, umbrellas, tents, furniture, karaoke)

For all these entertaining events, customers do not need special sportswear at all, and the amount of pleasure received is comparable to real sports.

Club in the city

Pros - laser tag of the club in the city (for example, in the park area) - the presence of an extensive transport network, the possibility of attracting clients who do not have personal transport, a greater number of clients for games on weekdays (in the evenings). In addition, in cities it is easier to find an empty indoor and heated room for winter games.

Cons - the need to provide enhanced protection of property, territory, excessive interest from children, pensioners and administrative bodies, high rental costs.

Club outside the city

Pros - low rents, large spaces, the ability to provide customers with a wider range of services, the organization of related types of recreation at any time of the year; great opportunities to work with corporate clients.

Cons - you need to organize transportation for customers, the delivery of materials and personnel to work.

A necessary attribute of the laser tag of the club should be music that will serve as a background. It should create a mood and not put pressure on the ears.

The client, coming to the club, gets a set of services, which at the moment is new in the entertainment market with a stable growth dynamics observed in recent years. Since the demand for sports entertainment is constant and depends little on seasonality, the issue of engaging a part of the entertainment market segment by the club is only a matter of creating advantages over other competitors already on the market.

Organizational and legal aspects of creating a laser tag of the club.

The legal basis for creating the laser tag of the club is the organizational and legal form that is convenient for the Founders, based on the conditions for minimizing tax and other deductions under the conditions of the legislation. When choosing one should be guided by the current Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the law on commercial and non-commercial organizations.

Commercial structures:

A limited liability company is the simplest legal construction of a business based on the pooling of capital. It is in the form of a limited liability company that today the largest number of small and medium-sized businesses are created. This form is used and sharks of business, dividing their huge holdings into segments. Closed joint-stock company - minuses of ZAO constantly arising issues in the course of working with shares, the Federal Commission for the Securities Market, the register of shareholders, etc. Partnerships are a form of business organization not on the basis of pooling of capital, but on the basis of personal participation. Individual entrepreneurship. Used in the case when the founder of the club is one, or with relatives and friends. These are the main forms. At once we will tell that each form has its minuses and pluses and when choosing we recommend you to find a good lawyer, frankly tell him about your plans and ask him for recommendations and help. At the first stage, without the participation of a competent lawyer, you can not do.

Non-profit structures:

The main difference between commercial organizations and non-profit organizations is that the former are created in order to derive profits from their activities, while the latter are created to achieve socially useful goals. In addition, you, as a founder, should know that the revenues received by a non-profit organization can not be distributed among its participants. The choice of non-profit organizations is also extensive:

Non-profit partnerships (based on membership). You should find out more about this form if you want to organize a club structure, when each participant is a member of the club and receives certain benefits from this. Autonomous non-profit organization (not based on membership). This form can be considered if you want to conduct educational work with the younger generation, fight against drug addiction and alcoholism, support veterans and disabled sports, work on the development of sports and certain types of it, conduct active work with ROSTO and local governments and all kinds of committees on affairs youth, etc. It should be noted that there are practically no differences in the taxation of incomes of commercial structures and non-profit organizations in one way or another, which showed the receipt of income. All bookkeeping must be strictly maintained and reporting must be made on time. Due to all of the above, the advantage of the LLC is obvious to-day. This is the simplest legal construction of business creation based on the pooling of capital. It is in the form of a limited liability company that today the largest number of small and medium-sized businesses are created.

2. Characteristics of the market

As potential consumers of the services provided by the club, you can consider the entire population of your city, which has an income of $ 250 per month. The target audience of laser tag consumers as a kind of recreation and entertainment in our country is as follows:

12-16 years old - 10% 16-20 years - 35% 20-25 years - 35% 25-35 years old - 15% 35- more than 5%

It should be noted that more than 50% of the target groups of 25-35 years are corporate clients, who are active consumers of services in the entertainment and recreation market.

According to the average statistical data on sales of laser tagging equipment and equipment in 2011 in relation to 2009, the market capacity increased by 1.5-2 times. Also in 2009, the number of laser tag clubs and organizations offering laser tag as a sports and entertainment type of services increased by 25%. Speaking about competition, it should be noted that it is advisable to classify as clubs competitors that provide services similar to the laser tag services of the club. A detailed analysis of competitors is carried out on the following positions: location, operating time, parking, quality of equipment and services, congestion of playing fields and cost of games.

3. Marketing plan

Plan of events (opening of the club, tournaments, festive events). Work with corporate clients (large companies, security organizations, educational institutions). Work with regular customers (athletes, members of the club). Organization of visiting games. If in the vicinity of your city there are large holiday homes, then try to conclude a contract for the games in them. This service will be beneficial and home rest and you. Sales of laser tag equipment and equipment.

The purposes and tasks of the laser tag of the club are:

  • Creating a new niche in the existing segment of the entertainment market of your city;
  • Payback of capital investments for 0.5-1 year;
  • Receiving income on the invested funds at least 250% per year;

The goal of marketing is to create conditions for the work of laser tag of the club, in which it can successfully perform its tasks, taking into account the existing parameters of the entertainment market:

consumers of laser tag services of the club - the population of your city, which has income over 250 dollars a month; market opportunities laser tag club are evaluated by the capabilities of the material and technical base of the laser tag of the club, i.e. The maximum number of clients that the club can accept for a certain period of time, the ratio of price to quality, i.e. the prices of competitors for similar types of services and their substitutes are taken into account, as well as the created information field and image of the laser tag of the club. When creating an image of a prestigious (elite) laser tag of a club, it is necessary to maintain prices at a relatively high level, but for existing services the price should not be higher than that of competitors and the price policy of the club's laser tag should be based on the principle of high price-high quality, and for maximum use of the possibilities of laser tag club to consider the possibility of introducing discounts on the purchase of games to regular (corporate clients), preferential time, volume discounts and club cards; special promotional events (competitions) aimed at promoting laser tag in the entertainment services market and popularizing it as a sport among the broader population as a whole, while maintaining the image of a prestigious (fashionable) but at the same time accessible sport and entertainment.

Plan for additional sports and entertainment events for 2012.

The name of the event competitions Date held Venue Number of participants Open championship on laser tag TV + Radio "Sweet couple" dedicated to St. Valentine February Youth tournament on laser tag "Young Defender of the Fatherland" February Amateur laser tag tournaments "March 8", "MASLENICA" March Open corporate championship of the city - March-April Open April Fool's tournament "Jokes for the sake of" April Central Park of the city Competition in laser tag within the Final of the city game "Zarnitsa-2012" Interregional tournament with teams from neighboring regions May 1-2 "Military sports games - 2012", dedicated to the anniversary of the Victory in the Second World War 1941-45. May Leadership for young people and girls on laser tag, dedicated to "Youth Day" June The final of the corporate championship of the city August City championship for young people and girls on sports laser tag dedicated to "Day of Knowledge" September "City Cup" laser tag dedicated to the city's day September Central stadium of the city The championship of the city schools on laser tag among 10-11 classes. September-December Sports Club 960 New Year role-playing game "Save Santa Claus" December Country holiday home

4. Investment plan of the company

As a place for organization of laser tag of the club, the most suitable are recreation areas, boarding houses with developed infrastructure, the territory of empty pioneer camps and military camps and bases, the territory of inactive airports and parks. Also, you can arrange visiting games.

General requirements.

The territory should be sufficient to accommodate 2-3 (for the city) or 4-5 (for the countryside) playgrounds and the firing zone (shooting range). Experience shows that the most convenient size of sites is approximately 150x80 meters. It is better to make playgrounds different in type of shelter and landscape (for example, a field with artificial shelters, a field in a pine forest, a field in a bush, a field with a building, a field with "fortresses", etc.). The sites and the shooting gallery must be located in a heap (so that players do not have to go far) but at a sufficient distance (at least 50 meters) from other buildings and structures, places of congestion or passage of people. The location, designation and equipment of the grounds and the shooting gallery must exclude the appearance of unauthorized persons on them during the game or shooting. Changing rooms for players can be located in a covered area, army tents-tents (in winter time - necessarily heated), premises for storage and maintenance of markers - under a canopy, cloakroom - separately. It is desirable to have a room for organizing a kitchen / buffet, for an administrator and working with clients, a place for a barbecue, tables (pyramids) for placing equipment in breaks between games. It is desirable to have not only cold, but also hot water, outdoor lighting of the adjacent territory and playgrounds, heating of enclosed spaces. A big plus can be a shower room. It should be taken into account that there are many car owners among the clients, so it is very important for the club to have access roads with asphalt or improved coating and a parking space for at least 15-20 cars. It is desirable to have public transport stops near the laser tag of the club. It is desirable that the location of the laser tag of the club allow a one-time (for tournaments) or a constant increase in the number of sites in the future, and also their integration into a single playing field (for large games).

5. Organization Plan

Organizational structure of management of laser tag club.

The staff of the laser tag of the club

Each laser tag club has three main functional posts, but in different laser tag clubs these posts are performed by a different number of people - depending on the need.


The General Director manages the work of the club, solves all issues related to the permanent work of the club, and financial and organizational issues related to the use of part of the profit and development directions of the club are decided together with the founders of the club.


Accountant-cashier keeps accounting, withdraws cash, together with the chief manager prepares financial reports, carries out payment of wages.

General manager:

The chief manager acts as a director during his absence. It organizes the work of club employees, accepts applications for organizing games from customers, requests from club employees for the necessary materials for organizing the game process and the club's work.

Communicates with customers if the client wants to become a member of the club or take part in the games and events held in the club, accepts orders for reservation of seats, gives orders to the club's employees to organize games and prepare the equipment necessary for their conduct and personally supervises the readiness.


The task of the technician is the maintenance of laser tag equipment in complete serviceability and readiness for the games, cleaning and maintenance of laser tag equipment after the games, replacement of equipment as necessary, storage and accounting of equipment and supplies, and rental. It is not recommended to load the equipment with outside duties.

Referee Instructor:

The judge is the face of the laser tag of the club. it is he who directly works with clients from the moment the player appears in the club and before parting at the gate after the game day. On the other hand, this post does not require such high professionalism as administrator posts or technicians, therefore here among the personnel there is the greatest turnover. The judge, as already said, must meet the players, help them fill in the liability agreements, conduct safety training, use laser tag weapons, the rules of the game, help get rolling equipment, break into teams, bring to the field and give a signal to start the game. In breaks between games, the judge must morally support losers or insecure players, if necessary, shuffle the teams or propose a new game scenario, explain the errors and bring them to a new game. At the end of the game day - to help pass the equipment. Hence the requirements to the judge-instructor - it must be sociable, active people who have a sufficient minimum knowledge of laser tag in general, about the organization of games, about the operation of equipment. Usually judges are young people who like laser tag, but do not have enough money to play themselves and thus a mutually beneficial situation develops: clubs provide them with the opportunity to play and receive highly motivated instructors. Norm - at least one judge for six players, i.e. with 10 players need to put on the field of two, and even better - three judges. So, the main task of judges is to make sure that the client receives as many pleasant moments from the game as possible and how less unpleasant, how well the judges work, the percentage of clients who come to play to you again depends.

Warehouse Manager:

The warehouse manager is responsible for storage of equipment and equipment, maintenance of the laser tag infrastructure of the club and, possibly, carries out purchases, i.e. is engaged in supplying the club with expendable materials as per the plan approved by the club's chief manager at the prices indicated in the previously determined supply points.

Additional staff

cook, barmaid, shish kebab - depending on how large the food station is; driver, with frequent off-site games and a large amount of traffic. Principle of payment

All employees are paid a minimum wage, depending on the position they occupy, and the percentage of the profits received by the club, except for the instructors. The amount of interest is determined depending on the qualification and the amount of work performed.

6. The financial plan

Types of costs:

One-time costs

Registration of a legal entity 500 cu. Organization of playgrounds 1000 USD. Total: 1500 USD.

Required laser tag kit of equipment

Automatic Ru-Tag AK-105 5 generation - 5 pcs. (the price is 23,900 rubles per unit) Rifle Ru-Tag Colt M4A1 Elit5e 5 generation - 5 pcs. (the price is 24,900 rubles per unit) Ru-Tag resuscitator 2 pcs (price 1750 rubles per unit) Radiobase 5-th generation 1 piece (price 7900 rubles per unit) Camouflage suit -10 pcs. Recoupment of the project:

The payback period of the invested costs depends on the above described conditions for organizing the laser tag club and varies from 6 months to 1 year.

7. Risk analysis

Commercial Risks:

The probability of a risk of lack of demand is small, based on the dynamics of growth in demand for organizing laser tag games, as a sports and entertainment hobby. The volume of games depends on the correct marketing policy of the laser tag administration of the club. In any city there is a large number of people who want to pay for their vacation and unforgettable adventures in your laser tag club. If such a risk is great, recommend inexpensive options for kits for organizing laser tag clubs.