Business consulting

As part of the project of laser tag franchise from RU-TAG brand, we provide extensive free business consultations to all those who wish to open their own business and dynamically develop it. You can always send your questions to our business experts via e-mail at   "Point of support" A Handbook on Increasing the Scale of Thinking for Beginning Businessmen (excerpt)   As you know, the main goal of any commercial organization is to make a profit. This fact is fixed in the charter of any LLC. It is difficult to disagree with this if you stick to the standard point of view of doing business. In general, the standard point of view on things reduces your chances of success. Charles de Gaulle also said, "Always choose the most difficult path - on it you will not meet competitors" To date, a variety of books on business in the world released a lot. Therefore, here we will talk about non-standard ways of its organization and development. We can notice this trend - the more extraordinary your business - the less you have competitors. Agree, to open a store or department of goods in the mall can almost everyone. This requires a small capital and a little knowledge on the discovery of IP, the necessary information can always be found on the Internet. Therefore, in the segment of sales and services the biggest competition. If you are going to engage in the production of a product, then in this segment, those wishing to earn much less than in the above described. Since in itself production activity requires a lot of effort, knowledge and skills than the same trade. The maximum success in business can be obtained by treating him not as a cash cow, which constantly produces money, but as a creative project. Business is, first of all, your personal project, which should benefit society. Cash compensation is just a pleasant consequence of the implementation of your business project, most of which is used as a tool for the development of the project or for opening new lines of business. As practice shows, people need a lot of money for households, rather than for the implementation of a business project. Therefore, when organizing your business, you should concentrate, first of all, on the business itself, on the prospects of its development, but not on satisfying today's household needs of oneself or loved ones. Of course, we are not trying to limit your actions and indicate where to spend honestly earned money, we just want to convey the importance of realizing the criticality of mis-distributed profits. The main position of the entrepreneur should be the correct concentration on the project, an extensive view of your business, as if from the outside. In this case, you can always realistically estimate any mistakes, make correct adjustments, optimize your business, without blurring your eyes.