A crisis

The next crisis pushes people to reflect on where to go further, how to develop, than to feed their children, in the end. At a life strict instructions: you do not want in an amicable way - will be in a bad way. Civilization always tends to develop, and now the next stage has come, when the old must be discarded and the new one created. And many people, reaching to the very bottom, nothing remains other than how to climb up. It's time to concentrate your resources inside and to reach a new level of awareness, realizing that there is no other way but to start thinking and developing. One can only be surprised by people who have worked for decades on the same machine. What do they have in their heads? Is such a wild love for the creation of "round details" ?! Or they just do not want to think? "The main thing is not to lose stability!" Here it is, an erroneous judgment! There is no stability in the world, and it can not be. The universe is constantly evolving, everything in life is changing. So why do people so selflessly seek for it ?! Apparently, there is a fear of loss. And fear is a mistrust of life. Undoubtedly, not all people now do good things and organize a useful business for others. But this is another topic and it also has an explanation for everything. The world is created from dualities. Good and bad, cold and hot, etc. Condemning someone, we do not accept the presence in the world of the second "dark", if you will, the sides of life. But it is necessary. Without sorrows, we would not have felt joy, without treachery, we would not have valued loyalty ... But the main task of each is development, and development can only be in a constructive way. Those who create a destructive "product", first of all destroy themselves, and sooner or later they will understand it. The main thing is to think with your head, be aware, and this negative will not touch you. And if it touches, then for some reason you need it, something you have not learned yet ... Life always teaches. Even when we encounter insurmountable, at first glance, obstacles. As is known from the laws of physics - any system tends to homeostasis or equilibrium. The naturalness of the processes is not possible to impede. The time will come and everything will be fine. In the West, the general orientation of people to development is very noticeable, in Russia, unfortunately, while for the most money is paramount. Therefore, few adhere to moral principles, because money can be earned and not by the rules, and many are looking for easy ways. Money is material and easy to perceive, in other words, it acts as a mundane thinking, in type: I now sing well, but tomorrow be what will be. But as we have already said, everything has a cycle and development is inevitable. A competent system works on the principle of social value for people and the world as a whole. For creating a project and bringing benefits to society, a person receives a monetary reward. That's what awareness is. Some may ask: "And what is the principle of the utility of society? What do I care about other people? "Again, we rest on the laws of life on which everything is based. By benefiting others, we benefit ourselves. Try to look at it haughtily, as if over the world as a whole, from the position of the parent to their children. Would you be happy if one child took away the toy from another by fraudulent means, and the one who was taken away was upset? There would be a conflict in the family. It's the same with our society. Mistaken judgment that we all have no relation to each other. Yes, we are all different and each person is responsible for himself. But we are also all connected, because they are created by one world and live on the same planet, we use only resources. This law works in the opposite direction: only by loving oneself, one can give love to others. People who harm the world around them do not love themselves enough and respect themselves. And the basis of this dislike, as a rule, in mental traumas and the psychology of thinking in general, which is mainly transmitted by genes from the genus or depends on the social conditions of residence, environment, is often a symbiosis of factors. As a result, there is a certain picture of the world that influences all human actions. But it is important to understand that this is just a model in the head that can and should be changed in a positive direction, if at least there is an understanding of what is happening, since destruction (harm to the surrounding world) is a degradation, and our world seeks development as we have already spoken.